Material Properties

Material Properties Chart

  Steatite Cordierite
Property Unit MC-L3 High strength with good electrical properties. MC-C Excellent resistance to thermal shock with relatively low porosity.
Water Absorption % 0 impervious 0-1
Specific Gravity   2.5 2.3
Color   Off White Gray - White
Safe temp. at continuous heat °F 1870° 2120°
Hardness MOH's Scale   7.5 7
Coefficient of thermal exp. Per °C (25-900°C) 8.5 x 10-6 3.7 x 10-6
Tensile strength Lb/in2 8,500 3,100
Flexural strength Lb/in2 18,000 15,000
Compressive strength Lb/in2 80,000 50,000
Dielectric strength Volts/mil 225 200
Dielectric constant @1MHz 5.9 5.3
Loss Factor @1MHz 0.021 0.025
Resistance to impact In-lbs. 4.5 4

Laser Flash Thermal Conductivity Results

Sample Bulk Density
ρ@ 25°C


Specific Heat
(J/g · K)


(W/m · K)
L-3 Steatite 2.19 1204 2200 1.53 0.00638 2.14
Grade A Lava- Hard 2.38 1204 2200 1.42 0.00687 2.32
Grade A Lava- LavaReq. 2.31 1093 2000 1.39 0.00619 1.98

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