Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Company, Inc. is a natural outgrowth of over ninety years of experience in the ceramic industry. Maryland Ceramic & Steatite remains family owned and operated for more than ninety years.

Our sister company, Maryland Lava Company, began operations in 1926. Experience and knowledge in refractories led to the production of industrial/technical ceramic products and the formation of Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Co., Inc. in 1955. Our compositions include steatite and cordierite formed by extruding, pressing and machining. Maryland Ceramic & Steatite has become one of the leading ceramic suppliers in the country due to our unique formulations, fast service and the desire to provide products that meet the needs of our customers.

Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Co., Inc. houses a complete tool and die making facility. With our tool and die shop on-site and expertly staffed, we can design and engineer in short order. With the use of Isopules Type EDM equipment we have the capability to machine complex tools and dies. Maryland Ceramic & Steatite has the ability to develop new tooling to specifically suit our customers’ requirements.

Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Co, Inc. strives to maintain a modern and innovative production environment. This enables customers, employees and owners alike to participate and benefit from the process of progressive improvements in ceramic technology and automated manufacturing efficiencies. Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Co., Inc. built, designed and continuously updates the completely equipped manufacturing plant. Faster production and delivery of our products is made possible through the extremely skillful operations of our facility.

Our quality control staff will ensure that your products are manufactured true to print. Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Co., Inc. provides a wide variety of quality assurance testing. Inspections are performed before, during and after production. This allows us to guarantee that all customer requirements are met or exceeded. Our goal is to help customers find the best possible solution to their business challenges. We pursue this goal by listening to our customers and serving as their technological partner. Maryland Ceramic & Steatite can provide cost effective solutions so that you can produce higher quality products. As a customer, you can be assured that your concepts, drawings and processes are kept in strict confidence and strict control at all times.

We would be happy to quote you on what is necessary to design/redesign and supply you with the ceramic products you need. We go all out to deliver fast, quality, customized products. This allows for reduced down time and assures that your production schedule will be met. Our customers are our number one priority.