Porous Structures Overview

Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Company Inc. Brand Porous Structures

Configurations, sizes and grades to fit your needs
Maryland Ceramic & Steatite’s Brand Porous Structures are available as blocks, cylinders, and sheets in five different grades: 15, 40, 55, 90, and 175. Grade number refers to the maximum pore diameter in microns (micrometers). The end use will determine the pore size or grade best suited for your requirements. All grades are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. Please contact us for the complete list of chemicals.

Machinable with resin bonded abrasive wheel or carbide tools
Shapes can be machined to close tolerances. Pores are not clogged by binder flow during machining. Surfaces can be sanded smooth with common coated abrasives and easily cleaned with a brush or compressed air. Material can be sealed or bonded to itself, metal or other materials. It can also be formed in place — in a tube, pipe fitting or similar holder.

Typical applications in which Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Brand Porous Structures have been performance qualified:

  • Aeration — Mass transfer of gases into liquids.
  • Filtration — Removal of particulates.
  • Fluidization — Suspension of solid particles.
  • Regulation — Constriction of flow.
  • Wicking — Release of volatile vapors or capillary dispensing of liquids.
  • Other — Membrane supports, air bearings, acoustical resistors, pneumatic silencers, vacuum hold-down, etc.